Real World Application of Blockchains – The Project (Follow Up)

Empowering Content Creators - – Mainnet Release

Reclaiming Value to the Content Creators Through the Use of Blockchain Technology

In a previous post, we introduced the project as an example of a real world application of blockchains.

Real World Application of Blockchains – The Project

The challenge in claiming rights to digital content stems from the nature of web content: they are easy to copy and ownership is often unclear. aims to provide solutions to these issues using blockchain technology and reclaim value to the content creators.

This is done by timestamping the content onto the blockchain so that the who/when/and what of the content created is clear to the world and never be altered.

When we last introduced, they were still timestamping content on the testnet.

Since then they have completed their transition to mainnet on November 27, 2018.

The time stamping of content is now being done onto the Bitcoin chain.

Contents are stored on IPFS, Timestamp onto the Bitcoin chain

In a nutshell, works by first storing the content on IPFS.

Because the content is stored on IPFS, the risk that the data is lost can be significantly lowered.

The contents stored on the IPFS are hashed in batches (by batch claiming, can timestamp many transactions at once onto the Bitcoin blockchain).

The hash of the content is then written into the Bitcoin blockchain.

Once it is written into the Bitcoin blockchain, the when/who/what of the content becomes clear and is immutable.

We tried out mainnet on our website

There is a badge towards the end of each post on our website.

Clicking the badge will open the explorer.

The explorer will tell you when a certain content was timestamped and by who.

It will also display the HTML of the content.

There are also links to the IPFS and a Bitcoin block explorer so you can check the details of the hash from there.

There was an issue during the testnet where Japanese characters weren’t being displayed on the explorer.

We mentioned this to the team and it looks like the issue was fixed on mainnet.

We will continue to monitor real life use cases of blockchains

What is in store for and similar projects?

If it is adopted by content creators, it has a potential of becoming a web version of the ISBN standard.

If the rights to digital content become clear, could become a platform where rights are bought/sold/licensed.

Currently, only works with written content but that could be expanded to pictures, movies and music in the future.

We will continue to monitor and follow as one of the real-life use cases of blockchains.


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