2019 Corporate Tax Reform – Impact on Cryptocurrencies

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Taxation on Crypto Unrealized Gains (Losses) for Entities With the 2019 Corporate Tax Reform now in effect, unrealized gains (and losses) from cryptocurrencies held by entities will be subject to taxation. The impact of this change is significant for entities that hold crypto (exchanges, funds, etc.). I have summarized the effects below. Mark-to-market of crypto […]

Cryptotax – Heading into Tax Season

Crypto Tax – Heading into Tax Season Three important points Crypto Tax Has Many Areas for Improvement According to the current announcements by the tax authority in Japan, crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto trades are both considered tax events. Though this is the global trend with crypto-taxes, when you think about how crypto technically works, it’s difficult […]

Hot Off the Press! “R&D Tax Credits in Japan”

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I was doing some research on research and development (R&D) tax credits in Japan and wrote up a piece while I was at it. Send us a quick email from the CONTACT page if you would like a PDF version. Want to know if you have any R&D costs that are eligible for the tax […]