About Us

Kimura Certified Public Accountants has been providing consulting services related to JGAAP, USGAAP, IFRS, SOX since 2016.

We also consider ourselves to be one of the first accounting firms to offer cryptocurrency related services.

Over the years, we have provided a wide range of crypto-related services such as audit (segregation of funds and financial statement), manual preparation support, and crypto trade gain and loss calculation.

We currently provide services related to Bitcoin, which is an open and permission-less network that anyone can join, and is also a new asset class (bitcoin). 

We perform research and analysis over Bitcoin (and bitcoin the asset) and help clients with their bitcoin implementation, including accounting and auditing matters.

All work is led by a bilingual JCPA/USCPA.

Pay With Bitcoin

We support the adoption of Bitcoin.

Pay for our services with bitcoin and receive a discount.

We also accept bitcoin payment over the Lightning Network.

Founder & CEO

Kensaku Kimura, CFA

Japanese CPA / US CPA

2004 Graduated from Keio University

2006 Joined KPMG AZSA Tokyo Office

2012-2014 Transferred to the KPMG New York office as part of KPMG’s Global Mobility Program (was in charge of SEC audits)

2014-2016 After returning to KPMG AZSA, managed audits of key global accounts

2017 (January) Founded Kimura Certified Public Accountants

2018 (January) Joined the Board of Directors (Quantum Accounting Inc.)

2018 (August) Founded CryptoGain G.K.

2018-2020 Director at regulated crypto exchange in Japan

Area of Specialization


Financial Statement Audit / SOX Audit

Impairment Testing

Financial Due Diligence

Financial Valuation

Crypto Accounting


Okazaki Building 3F
(Within Quantum Accounting)
2-14-13  Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0002 Japan