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Knowledge Exchange

Need accounting, finance, auditing, Bitcoin, or crypto-related information?

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All you have to do is tell us about your area of expertise and what you do best!

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Approximate duration: 1 session / 1-2 hours

Method of interaction: In person or online (Google Meets)

Participation Fee: Free

Knowledge Exchange

Tokyo/Otemachi Crypto Roundtable

Learn about crypto after work at our office.

We’ll discuss crypto from a finance, accounting, tax and audit perspective.



Track portfolio

Analyze portfolio performance

Calculate trade gains

Free to use

(We haven’t been able take the time to update the software in a while! If you’re interesting in developing the software with us, reach out!)


Bitcoin Accounting

Accounting Consideration

Tax Consideration

Development of Accounting Tools

Internal Controls

Financial Statement Audits

Valuation of Derivatives

Blockchain Analysis


We create tools that use block explorer data (and Zerion) to perform analysis and data preparation for accounting purposes. 

Compatible with Excel and Google Sheets.

Automation Tools


We create automation tools for accounting and financial statement analysis and audits.

Automated Dashboards

Compatible with Excel and Google Sheets.



Financial Statement Audit

Internal Control Audit (SOX)

Blockchain Audit

Internal Audit


Agree Upon Procedures


Accounting Compliance

SOX Implementation

Audit Assistance

Subsidiary Management

Foreign Business Expansion


Business Valuation

Goodwill Valuation

Asset Valuation

Purchase Price Allocation

Impairment Testing

Stock Option Pricing

Crypto / Blockchain



License Registration Support

Accounting Advisory

Segregation of Funds Audit

Financial Statement Audit

Financial Advisory


Business Forecasting/Budgeting

Pitch-deck Design

Annual Report Design

Analyst Report Design

Accounting Services

Bilingual CPAs will support the company’s financial reporting during the unexpected absence of directors, officers and key employees


BlockChainJam Podcast

Listen to my podcast where I talk with guests on topics ranging from cryptos, blockchains, finance, accounting and so much more.

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