Author: Kensaku Kimura
Post Date: October 10, 2019
Last Update: August 20, 2020

We are having a Crypto Roundtable on October 16 (Wed)! Come and join the discussion!

The roundtable will be held at our office near Tokyo Station, starting at 7:30 PM

We’ll be covering the basics of setting up a crypto wallet and creating a proper backup.

Then we’ll have fun sending each other crypto using the wallet that we just installed. 

I’ll try to break down the basics of how the recovery phrase works and will also talk about how you can substantially increase the security of your funds by using BIP39.

If we have time, I’ll introduce a bitcoin pricing model that has been gathering attention in the industry and we’ll use that model to predict the price of bitcoin an year from now!

If you would like to participate, just submit a request using the form below! 

Time: October 16, 2019 (Wed) 7:30 PM

Place: Asahi Seimei Otemachi Bldg. 2F

How to apply: Just use the form below!


Tokyo/Otemachi Crypto Roundtable

Want to learn the basics of Crypto?
How about discussing crypto after work or school?
From time to time, we will host a crypto roundtable at our office near Tokyo/Otemachi station where anyone can stop by and learn about the basics of crypto.

Because we’re an accounting firm, we try to add a unique twist by approaching crypto from a finance, accounting, tax and audit perspective.

We’re still in the experimental phase with this so we’d like to keep the group small for now (1-5 people per roundtable).

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Kensaku Kimura

Kensaku Kimura



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