Author: Kensaku Kimura
Post Date: June 11, 2019
Last Update: January 23, 2020

Tokyo/Otemachi Crypto Roundtable Recap

We discussed the history of Bitcoin and the mechanics of blockchains

The main topics that we discussed during the June 5 Roundtable were related with the birth and history of Bitcoin and the basic technology that make blockchains work.

During the one hour discussion, we got to touch on technical topics such as hash functions, which is one of the elements that make a blockchain, a chain. 

The attendees all happened to be from the accounting/finance industry, so we also discussed the current status of crypto accounting and crypto audits.

In our next Crypto Roundtable, we are thinking about walking attendees through how to install a wallet, create a back up and actually send/receive crypto.

Notes from the Roundtable:

Tokyo/Otemachi Crypto Roundtable

Want to learn the basics of Crypto?
How about discussing crypto after work or school?
From time to time, we will host a crypto roundtable at our office near Tokyo/Otemachi station where anyone can stop by and learn about the basics of crypto.

Because we’re an accounting firm, we try to add a unique twist by approaching crypto from a finance, accounting, tax and audit perspective.

We’re still in the experimental phase with this so we’d like to keep the group small for now (1-5 people per roundtable).

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