Talent Retention at Big 4

Author: Kensaku Kimura
Post Date: July 24, 2017
Last Update: January 23, 2020

I participated in a Doshisha University MBA study a while ago.

The theme of the study was ”Talent Retention in Accounting, Audit, Tax & Business Advisory Firms – Manager’s Perspective”.

The students seemed to be most curious about

What the Big 4 are doing to retain talent.

So I did my best to share stories based on my personal experience working at the Big 4 for 10 years.

Recently, a lot of people I know have been leaving the Big 4.

  • Are the Big 4 doing a good job of retaining talent?
  • If they aren’t, what can they do to do a better job?

These were the two thoughts that circled my mind as I headed home.


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