We’ll Be Speaking at BlockChainJam 2019 @Tokyo University

Author: Kensaku Kimura
Post Date: November 11, 2019
Last Update: August 20, 2020

BlockChainJam 2019

We’ll be speaking at the upcoming BlockChainJam 2019 conference.

The event, whose theme is centered around the future of blockchains, will take place on November 17, 2019, at Tokyo University.

We’ll be talking about the hot crypto/blockchain topics of 2019 from an Accounting and Finance angle.

Please come and join the fun!

If you are interested in coming to the event just let me know!

About the BlockChainJam Podcast

Leading up to the event, I’ve been interviewing people that will be speaking at the event and releasing the interviews as podcast episodes.

I learned a lot from speaking with the top runners of the blockchain industry in Japan.

You can listen to the episodes from the following link!

BlockChainJam Podcast


About BlockChainJam 2019

BlockChainJam 2019 is a one-day event where you will get to know the about how the emergence of blockchains is changing the world.

At BlockChainJam, you will get to listen to talks by wonderful speakers such as prominent blockchain researchers and members from the hottest Blockchain projects.

They will walk you through the basics of Blockchains, what it is capable of, and how it will change our lives.

They will do this in an easy-to-understand manner.

It will be a day where you take a sneak peek into next-generation technology and what the future will look like.

For details, visit https://blockchainjam.org

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