Using Sharpe Ratio – A Better Tool to Evaluate Your Investment

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Sharpe Ratio of Bitcoin

Is your investment generating sufficient returns in relation to the risk that you’re taking? The Sharpe Ratio will tell you the answer The Shape Ratio is a measure that is widely used in finance to evaluate the performance of a fund or an investment. The reason the Sharpe Ratio is used instead of a simple return on investment is because the Sharpe Ratio will evaluate the performance of an investment, […]


We’re Having a Crypto Roundtable on October 16!

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We are having a Crypto Roundtable on October 16 (Wed)! Come and join the discussion! The roundtable will be held at our office near Tokyo Station, starting at 7:30 PM We’ll be covering the basics of setting up a crypto wallet and creating a proper backup. Then we’ll have fun sending each other crypto using the wallet that we just installed.  I’ll try to break down the basics of how […]


CryptoGain Website Now Live!

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cryptogain website

CryptoGain Website Now Released Pre-register available Released On New Year!   You were probably wondering what we were up to since BlockChainJam.  The CryptoGain website is now live! It’ll be a while before you can start playing around with the App. But we hope the website will give you an idea of what’s in the works. In the meantime, keep your private keys safe! Go See Website! Beta Release […]


We Just Released “CryptoGain” for Beta Testing

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CryptoGain is a Service That Will Make Tax Reporting of Cryptocurrency Trades Easy For the past few months, we have been receiving an overwhelming amount of inquiries from individuals regarding the tax filing of gains and losses from cryptocurrency trades. The tax rules regarding cryptocurrencies is nothing new and the tax authority’s stance is that tax returns should be filed applying the existing tax framework. However, cryptocurrencies are new and […]